Welcome to the Lazy Serializer Wiki!


Lazily serializes an C# object to XML for usage in XPath/XSLT.

For example:

ObjectXmlNavigator nav = new ObjectXmlNavigator("myObject", MyObject);

XslTransform xslTrans = new XslTransform();
//Load xslt template
xslTrans.Transform(nav, null, objStream);

Using the ObjectXmlNavigator object you can now access the properties of MyObject in your XSLT.

Only properties (or properties of properties) that your reference in your XSLT will be 'converted' to XML, hence the 'Lazy' serializer.

In current version:

-You can access all the properties of the object provided
-You can access all the properties of the properties (if those properties are complex types).
-Serializes Lists, Arrays and Dictionaries
-Supports basic XSLT 1.0
-Some more advanced XPath/XSLT functions are not yet supported.