Lauching Webpages

  • Steve Baugh
    Steve Baugh

    I have found that the easiest way for me to produce application help is to prepare it as a set of webpages in html.

    In real Delphi (I have been a Delphi programmer since Delphi 1) I use ShellExecute in the ShellAPI unit:

    ShellExecute(Handle, 'open', 'index.html',nil,nil,SW_SHOWNORMAL);

    This does not compile in Lazarus.

    Now I am trying to port my programs to a multiplatform Lazarus implementations, I wonder what is the best cross-platform way to do this in Lazarus?

    Does anybody have any ideas?

    Steve Baugh

    • Look at the openbrowser example that comes with Lazarus.