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  • Hi, I wonder how do I join a group of developers of this project, I made some changes to the components rx mediate a subversion working copy, but I could not upload because the server asks me for a password and never me accepted. That is, use my sourceforge account but I do not accept the password and so I upload the changes.

    I await your prompt response.


    In Spanish

    Hola, quisiera saber como hago para unirme al grupo de desarrolladores de este proyecto, he realizado algunos cambios a los componentes rx median una copia de trabajo con subversion, pero no he podido subirlos debido a que el servidor me solicita una contraseña y nunca me la acepta. Es decir, utilizo mi cuenta de sourceforge pero no me acepta la contraseña y por ende no me sube los cambios.

    Espero su pronta respuesta.


  • Jose Mejuto
    Jose Mejuto


    I think that as the first time you should send the modifications creating a patch and posting it in the bugtracker, this way alexs75 or other with the rights to write can use your patch and maybe give you write access to the repository.