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Launchy 2.1 Released

2.1 has been released, which includes what is essentially a beta version of Linux 2.1. It was hard to get Linux testers without first making a release, so use at your own risk ;)

• Added Linux support! (KDE and Gnome both work, possibly others)
• Added Google Calculator plugin (gcalc)
• Added configurable default search to weby (all searches with no results default to google)
• “/” and “\” now tab complete while file browsing
• Added rescue mode to recover lost windows or forgotten hotkeys (in Linux run “launchy rescue” or use the start menu in windows)
• Minimum transparency set to 15%
• Searches are even faster and the catalog uses slightly less memory
• Bug Fixes:
o Fixed the database update timer
o Fixed centering problem when multiple monitors in use
o Fixed the url encoding problem, e.g. googling for “c#” now works

Posted by Josh 2008-07-27