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  • Andreas

    This is not a real plugin for Launchy, but I made it customized for Launchy.

    After reading this topic
    http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1988025&forum_id=677087 I took the initiative to make a timer as I thought it would be very useful.

    I am now finished with it and releasing it to everyone.

    -- Timer 1.0 --------
    Timer is functional both as a timer and as an alarm. By opening Launchy and typing Timer<tab>10 and pressing enter will make Timer countdown from 10 minutes to zero and give a popup as alarm at finish. However this is not a plugin for Launchy but a standalone program.


    Time: A number representing the time.
    Prefix [optional, default: minutes]: Choose from sec, min, hour. (e.g. 10secs, 50mins, 1hour)
    Message [optional]: A message which will be displayed in the popup.

    Showing usage with Launchy

    Showing the neat Timer interface


    1. Download and extract the exe file to any place on your PC. The plugin folder of Launchy works but it won't show up in Launchy plugin control panel anyway.
    2. Open Launchy plugin control panel. Click on Runner. Add a new field by clicking on the "+" button.
    3. Type "Timer" in name column. Type the path to the Timer.exe file under program column. Type "$$" in arguments column.
    4. Done! Try it out! Search on Timer. Press <tab> and write the time.

    Note: You need Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework for this program to run.

    Any comments or suggestions are very much appreciated!

    • Llama Nerds
      Llama Nerds

      Can you add the ability to actually play a sound file (.wav, or even .mp3)? That would make it a bit more useful.

      Good work, nice app!

    • Andreas

      Sure thing!

      You can download the new version here: http://www.mediafire.com/?l9danuesit5 (Timer 1.1)

      The file size increased, and I had to use a .dll file, which should be placed in the same folder as the .exe file.

      If there is anything more you would like in the program, please tell.

    • LanZallAmas

      Thank you very much!!

      An Amazing and very useful Plugin!

      Thank you again man!

    • durerca

      I noticed that you can write 1.5hour to get 1hr30mins but it would be useful if you could write the timer with a combination of say 1hour30mins or 15mins10secs. Thanks for the programs.

    • noroom

      What about "1:30h" for 1 hour 30 min or "1:45min" for 1 minute 45 seconds?

      I was thinking of making a timer too, but I wanted customizable actions for when the timer ran out. Right now I don't have time to continue developing, but I hope you don't mind a little friendly competition. :)

      If everything goes well, I might have a first beta in a month or two, so you get a head start.

    • Oliver Kötter
      Oliver Kötter

      I really like this. What I would like to have is the possibility to say "Remind me at 12:15", so not no show the reminder in x minutes but to show it at x o'clock.

    • Andreas

      >> "I noticed that you can write 1.5hour to get 1hr30mins but it would be useful if you could write the timer with a combination of say 1hour30mins or 15mins10secs. Thanks for the programs."

      >> "What about "1:30h" for 1 hour 30 min or "1:45min" for 1 minute 45 seconds?"

      Good idea. I'll add that to the program :)

      >> "...but I hope you don't mind a little friendly competition. :)"
      Hehe, that's fine, I'm on :)

      >> "I really like this. What I would like to have is the possibility to say "Remind me at 12:15", so not no show the reminder in x minutes but to show it at x o'clock."

      This is actually already possible. Try this:
      You can also add a message:
      Timer<tab>12:15 Meeting with Sarah[enter]

    • Hooly Wooly
      Hooly Wooly

      beauty!  a great little timer even without Launchy ... but sweeter with. many thanks.

    • begtognen

      This is a wonderful program, but unfortunately I couldn't find a solution to the timer vanishing as soon as the focus was off - I flail around a bit too much while typing for a timer that *doesn't* stay on top. Any possibility of adding that functionality?

    • Andreas

      Thanks Hooly Wooly and Begtognen for your kind words.

      New version!
      I have now added Noroom's request. It means you can now type 16:30min to get countdown for 16 minutes and 30 seconds. You can also type 3:20h to get 3 hours and 30 minutes. Note: It doesn't matter if you type "min", "mins", "h", "hour" or "hours".

      @Begtognen, I am not sure I totally understand what you mean. In the new version I have added the ability to make the countdown always appear (it doesn't hide, except if you click the hide button [X]). If this is not what you wanted, please tell.

      Download version 1.2 here: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=88c761ff647f8cd095af63b7d44918aa6fb82ad40041b8a5


      • begtognen

        Thanks much for getting back to me so quickly.

        What I'd like, ideally, is for the countdown to stay hidden *until* it goes off. And then stay on top no matter what, until I hit "exit". Because that way if I don't notice it going off and I keep on typing, it doesn't disappear.

    • Andreas

      Releasing a new version now with a few new features. Among them is the feature Begtognen wanted.

      * A new setting available to make the form stay on the top after alarm has fired.
      * Stop watch is now available by typing "start". You can pause it by pressing the message label.
      * History of previous timers you have ran can now be found in a list on the new timer form.
      * You can check for new updates, and install if available in the settings page.
      * New features can be suggested through a form on the settings page.

      Download v.1.3: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=88c761ff647f8cd095af63b7d44918aa6fb82ad40041b8a5

      • begtognen

        Thank you! That's exactly what I wanted.

    • Andreas

      New version again. This time upon requests of new features I've received.

      [If you already have version 1.3 installed: Use the inbuilt updater, found in the settings panel.]

      First new feature is shutdown at alarm. By typing for example "30mins shutdown" will make the timer turn your PC off in 30 mins. Very handy when you're listening on music before you go to bed.

      These are commands that also works:
      turnoff, reboot, restart, hibernate, standby, suspend, logoff, logout.
      (On some are there two ways of typing one action, e.g. "shutdown" or "turnoff" will do the same thing.)

      Second feature is repetition alarm. This means you can type for example "rep3hours" to create an alarm which sets off each third hour.

      Download v.1.4: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=88c761ff647f8cd095af63b7d44918aa6fb82ad40041b8a5

      [If you already have version 1.3 installed: Use the inbuilt updater, found in the settings panel.]

    • Lecusto Gamer
      Lecusto Gamer

      Great job ! Easy to use and install.

      Maybe I can make a suggestion. It would be great if I can use the command "Timer 16:48" for example.

      Anyway this plugin will stay in my launchy.

    • Lecusto Gamer
      Lecusto Gamer

      Sorry it's already possible. This plugins is only perfect :)

    • Ariel Flesler
      Ariel Flesler

      I think it'd be nice to have a chronometer.

      Sort of a:

      Timer start work
      Timer end work

      The latter should yield the elapsed time.
      Probably an:

      Timer elapsed work

      Would be useful as well. So to see the time without stopping it.

      • Andreas


        You can type "start" as a command and it will start a chronometer for you. However you can't type "end" or "elapsed". This is something I will include in the next version.

        Thanks for posting suggestions!


    • begtognen

      I use your timer every single day, now! I do have a feature request, though: recently my XP desktop broke and I had to use a Linux machine for a couple of weeks. I ended up using "kteatimer" as a substitute for your timer program, and it did have a feature I quite liked - elapsed time represented by a pie graph in the system tray.

      If you're interested, the program info is here (knowing nothing about programming myself, I have no idea if this is helpful or not, but just in case): http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdetoys/kteatime/index.html

      • Andreas

        Glad you're using my program!

        Elapsed time in the system tray is a great idea. This will be included in the next version for sure.

        By the way; get back to XP and start using my program again ;)


    • RiJ

      Holy cow! I have been looking for a beautifully simple alarm clock like this for ages! It's a bonus that it works from the command line and from launchy. You are a genius! There are so many crappy, bloated shareware alarm programs out there. You should at least make this donation-ware. It's such an elegant little app!

    • dbear

      Excellent program!  Also, since you can run multiple instances of the program at the same time, you can have several timers going at the same time.

    • TOrchard

      Thanks for this nice little program.

      A bug: the syntax "1:30h: works, setting the timer for 1 hour 30 minutes. But the syntax "1h" does not work, it says the time you entered has already passed. The abbreviations "s", "m", "h" instead of "secs","mins", and "hours" do not work unless you have a colon in the time entry.

      A suggestion: On the about (help) page, show the complete current syntax. At present, you can only figure out all the options by scrolling through the release notes and reading this forum.

      A request: Have a way to silence the alarm sound without losing the message. At present you either have to listen to the alarm or click stop, which erases the message text. I think the best and perhaps easiest way to do this is to never erase the text.

      Thanks again.

    • TOrchard

      Following up on my own post (sorry)... How about an option to just play the sound file once, rather than continuously. That would be even better than a way to silence the alarm as far as I'm concerned.

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