Weby search - does not

  • Andy_Scull

    Maybe I am doing something wrong? I do not believe no one actually bumped into this (possible) bug before.
    Seems like Weby plugin (or maybe Launchy itself does not work with pasted strings

    Steps to reproduce -
    1. Reset all Launchy settings by deleting .ini and .db flies
    2. Start Launchy
    3. F5 to refresh and recreate weby default search engines
    4. The sample search with default bing engine -
    In Launchy I type - bing <tab> explorer.exe <enter>
    correctly opens http://www.bing.com/search?q=explorer.exe
    5. And now, the behavior I do not understand -
    run notepad, type 'explorer.exe', copy this string
    In Launchy I type - bing <tab> <shift+insert> <enter>
    opens empty search as if %1 was null string.
    And still Launchy window correctly shows the text I pasted. Bringing it's window up again shows that previous command line is the same, including pasted text.

    If I paste the search string and then delete one character and run resulting command, Launchy correctly opens web page with search query (missing one character of course).
    I found this behavior while setting up my own Weby search engines, and haven't tried running any actual programs with copy/pasted parameters

  • Andy_Scull

    Sorry, I accidentally pushed 'send' without finishing the topic title.
    I would be grateful if any mod can edit it to correctly reflect the message's content