Launchy crashes after startup

  • Adam


    I've been running both the stable and the beta version of Launchy for some time now and everything was working perfectly fine. However, since like two weeks Launchy crashes immediately or a few minutes after I launch the app, with a window pop up saying "Sorry, launchy seems to have crashed", thats all. It happens on both the stable and the beta versions, although not if I install the portable version. This is a different problem, however, because althought the app doesn't crash anymore, it also fails to work properly, meaning it won't search what I'm looking for: nearly everything I search for provides me with a calc icon and a "0". which as I understand stands for "not found". Even if it find something it is usually something radically different from what I was looking for.

    Can someone provide me with assistance with this? Maybe there is a simple solution, however if there isn't I will gladly post the link to the launchy dump file (?). For the moment I don't have access to the server.

    Im running Windows 7 64 bit.

    Thank you very much for your help.


  • Anonymous

    I am having the same problem. I am running XP & don't even a msg. It just crashes and the tray icon vanishes.
    I tried uninstalling & reinstalling the 2.6 beta 2 but no joy.
    Anybody any idea ?

  • Zos474

    Exactly the same problem with me - was working fine until a few weeks ago.  But at least it is reproducable with me: whenever I delete what is currently showing in the launchy text box (e.g. by clicking backspace or delete) then it crashes.  I disabled the plugins to see if that was the issue & no difference.  Any suggestions really appreciated because this is very irritating.

  • larsen255

    Close Launchy and try to delete the file "%appdata%\Launchy\history.db". Solved another problem for me. Perhaps, deleting launchy.db helps, too.

  • Thanks! I think you just solved my launchy problem. Deleting history.db seems to have fixed it for me.