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  • Anonymous

    Hi there,
    How do I search for a keyword in the filename?  Right now, when I search "Vacation", Launchy will only search the directories for filenames that start with "Vacation", but won't find a filename such as "CO Vacation".  How can I get Launchy to search for keywords within filenames?

  • Joe Ledvina
    Joe Ledvina

    By default, Launchy uses a slightly "fuzzy" search - as long as you enter the letters in the correct order, it will find the name in its index, even if you skip some letters.

    To use your example, Launchy should find "CO Vacation" if you enter "vacation" or "co vacation" or "covaca" or "vctn". It might not be the first result in the list (use the down arrow key - you can also increase the number of files in this list in the options), but it should find it. Mind you, if you have dozens of files with the word "vacation" in the filename, Launchy might not show you the one you want.

    Now, if you're using the "explory" plugin to find files in specific places in your filesystem, skipping letters is no longer possible.

    If all of the above was news to you, you should really read the pdf manual that comes with the installer.

    Also, I know that Lifehacker readers recently voted Launchy into a "hive five" of search tools, but it's not really designed to index tens of thousands of items. Earlier versions had would use too much RAM when trying to index too many files. The original developer mentioned somewhere in these forums that people were having problems because they were trying to index too many files. The number he mentioned as a rough upper limit was something like 10,000.

    If you try it out, and it works for you, great! If not, you've been warned.