Help me hack the shortcut key?

  • I've become so accustomed to Google Desktop's CTRL CTRL hotkey that I'd REALLY love to be able to use it in Launchy, the far superior launcher of the two.

    Anyone know any reg hacks or could point me in a direction to allow a momentary ctrl <pause> ctrl keyboard shortcut to open launchy instead of the standard modifier + key?

    thanks =]

  • matt wilkie
    matt wilkie

    old thread, I know, but I'd like this too. Anyone have any clue, even a minor foggy one, about how a person might be able to catch a double tap of  and use it to activate Launchy?

  • Sure, I've written an autohotkey script that does this. If you're not familiar with autohotkey, I could compile it into a small exe for Windows only.

    Would that work for you?

    Dean Householder

  • matt wilkie
    matt wilkie

    Thanks Dean!

    The .exe and/or the AHK script itself would be great (I'm sure there are others listening in who would prefer one over the other).

  • I've uploaded the script (source and compiled exe) to my site.  You can download it from:

    If you like to play with AutoHotKey, feel free to tweak this to suit your needs.