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LaunchDock / News: Recent posts

LaunchDock 0.3 released!

With the 0.3 release the program's capability to launch a number of programs to launch has been increased from 9 to 36. It now features 4 tabs each with a specified categories that will hold 9 programs each. The program can also minimize to the system tray so it can run out of sight so the hotkey ability can be used to it's full potential.
I'm looking for suggestions on what people would like to see in future releases.

Posted by MaQleod 2005-09-25

LaunchDock 0.2a released!

I fixed a few minor bugs and made the program look and feel a bit more polished. This is mainly a maintenance release. 0.3 is planned to feature a single config window with tabs for each option as well as a tabbed interface for the launch buttons so that you can have several categories each with their own set of 9 buttons.

Posted by MaQleod 2005-09-16

LaunchDock 0.2 released!

With the release of LaunchDock 0.2, the gui is more organized and smaller. The program contains many more configuration options and is more stable. Though there are many more things planned, as it stands now it has a much more aesthetic appearance and enough options to be a good program launcher for any type of user.

Posted by MaQleod 2005-09-15

LaunchDock 0.1a released

The alpha version of LaunchDock was just released. It's a win32 based program launcher that will run in any windows environmet.
This release features a basic gui and the ability to modify the functions of the launch buttons through the gui or the config.ini file (the gui supports drag and drop for program path capture). You can also change it's startup coordinates easily or choose to have it start on boot.
The point of this project is to provide a functional program launcher that is simple to operate and that takes up minimal system resources.

Posted by MaQleod 2005-09-10