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Hi, I could see the two plugins linked on your site. It's a nice approach and very useful, but both are outdated.
It seems that those plugins are copying the code of L4J and put inside them code, so because this we can't use 3.0.2 with maven.
Would be very interesting to mavenize the necessary code (create a POM and deploy it to a maven repo) of this projects, so being be easy to maintain all projects in sync.

cheers and thanks for this excellent tool.


  • My thoughts is to divide the project in 3 parts (initially). launch4j-core, launch4j-ui, launch4j-demos.. and adequate the build for using maven 3.
    I already done that in my local repo for the launch4j-core, that what I need first for my internal maven deployment.
    But I can't finish for launch4j-ui yet because I just can't find a jar at any repository that contain the class com.jeta.forms.components.separator.TitledSeparator

    Does anyone knows about this class ?


  • +1 for mavenization

  • +1

  • Grzegorz Kowal
    Grzegorz Kowal

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