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newbie questions about launch4j for linux


  • Anonymous


    I'm trying to deploy an application to Linux systems.  I've created an XML configuration file with some information:

      - don't wrap the jar, launch only
      - added an icon
      - added Classpath information to locate the various jars on my machine (F:\dev\…\myapp.jar, etc)
      - added splash screen

    Now I have saved (gear icon) the output to something called checkmate.xml.  I also see that if I press the  "play" icon, my application runs correctly.  Great!

    It seems that I am close to having something work, and yet I am obviously missing something… how do I create the actual output for the program?  It seems like I should press a button about now, and have a file structure get created with a lib directory for support jars, some kind of executable link with my custom icon that the users should double-click… I don't see any option to do this.

    What am I missing?