Passing SIGTERM to Java process

  • Steve Hannah
    Steve Hannah

    I'm running the windows 8 app certification test on my app which is wrapped with l4j. One of the tests that it is currently failing is the SIGTERM test.

    The warning is:

    Adhere to system restart manager messages

    Don't block reboot
    Warning: The don’t block reboot test detected the following errors:
    Executable c:\program files (x86)\myapp\myapp.exe failed to shutdown.
    Some apps display EULAs, auto update, registration forms, and, or other prompts for user interaction. If your app does this, it could be reported as non-compliant with the restart requirement. If any of these files are reported for this reason, disable or dismiss all such modules and restart testing on a clean OS.
    Impact if not fixed: If an app doesn’t shut down gracefully, customers can lose data when the OS forces the shutdown. Not responding to system shutdown requests also slows the shutdown/reboot process, which makes the entire system appear slower.
    How to fix: The app must respond to system shutdown and end session messages as quickly as possible.

    End of warning message.

    I think this happens because it the test is actually trying to shutdown the launcher but is failing. Has anyone else run across this? Can anyone suggest anything I can try to resolve this?