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cmd line arg to exe passed to java applicatio

  • vheg

    2011-02-09 16:49:54 MST
    I have used Launch4j to create the exe launcher to launch my java application. The java application runs fine with the java arguments i hard coded during the creation of exe. However, i need to have the flexibility in a way that when i launch my exe created by Launch4j(say for example test.exe, to launch test.jar) i need to be able to pass the arguments to my Main class in java as a command line parameter to the exe.

    For texample, if i am runnning test.Main ip=x.x.x.x url="blah" etc, is it possible to run my
    test.exe with the above command line so that it can pass it tot he java Main?

    like, test.exe ip=x.x.x.x url="blah"

    Please help, this is very important for my application, since IP address is one of the parameters and there is no way it can be known when i create my Launch4j executable for my application

    Please help