64 bit is not working for my application

  • budit


    I have created executable for my java application with both 32 bit executable and 64 bit executable. I have used Launch4j for creating or build 64 bit executable.
    I have installed java on my system, the 32 bit executable is working but the 64 bit executable is not working and ask me to install java.
    can any one tell what is actually happening around here ?

  • Timothy Arceri
    Timothy Arceri

    Java code does not know if it is running on a 32 or 64 bit system. My guess is you have created a Java program that is using SWT or calling some other Native runtimes. In this case you need the Java x64 version to be installed to be able to call the 64-bit native librarys, you can not call 64-bit native librarys from 32 bit Java and vice versa.

    Try uninstalling Java and installing the x64 version.

    This is not a problem with Launch4J, in future I suggest you try detect which version of Java is installed when your installing your program and install either 32 or 64 bit native librarys depending on what you find. This is prosible using the Izpack installer.