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latexss-0.3 released

Now latexss have suppor for the table.el ( format!. As shown in the screenshoot ( tableel.png), you can now edit the spreadsheet directly inside emacs with all the funtionality of table.el. Bug Fixes in addition

Posted by Diego restrepo 2002-09-12

latexss-0.2 released

Now gnumeric files can be used as input files by latexss ( In this way the gnumeric spreadsheet can be converted in fly into a self-containded LaTeX spreadsheet without lost of information o calculation power.

Posted by Diego restrepo 2002-09-06

latexss-0.1.1 released

SQL compatibilty layer
klatexss bug fixes

Posted by Diego restrepo 2002-09-02

latexss 0.1 released

Latexss is a program that can transform a text file with a very minimal style syntax into a self contained LaTeX spreadsheet powered by the fp package. A graphical front-end (klatexss) is provided to generate both the text and the LaTeX file.

Posted by Diego restrepo 2002-08-29