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New version is coming

In a few days a new version will be released.
Some bug fixes (including the bug pointed out by Peter Furlan) and new features are coming.

Posted by Jeremy Oden 2011-08-22

Pre-alpha versions !

You can now download our pre-alpha version.
It is not recommended to use the script in a production environment.
I'm writing some documentations.
Enjoy !

Posted by Jeremy Oden 2009-08-26

Torture test.

I have been working on some « torture tests ».
You can already check a first one here : (choose Torture test...).
You can compare the result with this one : .
That just means that the pre-alpha version is almost finished ;).

Posted by Jeremy Oden 2009-07-19

Demo available

A demo of what the script is able to do is now available at

Posted by Jeremy Oden 2009-06-08

Pre-Alpha version planned.

A Pre-Alpha version is planned and will be available soon.
An on-line demo will also be available for testing.

Posted by Jeremy Oden 2009-05-18