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LeSharp 1.0 released

LeSharp consists of three tools:
- Lea (Last.FM Easy Albums) simplifies adding tracks and albums to a Last.FM playlist
- Pico (Path to ID3 Converter) uses information it finds in a music files path to complete its ID3-tags
- LD3 (Last.FM ID3 Completer) uses the Last.FM-API to retrieve missing ID3-tags for a music file.

Posted by Yannick Scherer 2009-04-24

LastSharp 0.4.1 released

LastSharp 0.4.1 includes some requested features (e.g. filter files, customizable directory structure, ...) as well as reactions to latest Last.FM changes (customizable playlist length, download timeout check, ...). Also, compatibility to the Mono-Framework has increased. (Start LastSharp with "/mono"-flag!)

Posted by Yannick Scherer 2009-04-20