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Alpha02_1 Release out!

Today the next Alpha Version was released. A lot of things like the datastructures have been improved under the hood.
Also some work was done on improving the User Interface.
It is now possible to querry the ICQ and AIM Network.
Because the Messenger lacks some essential functions like proxy support for now, it is still considered to be in Alpha status.
However, we are no longer a school project with this release!

Posted by Christine Ferdinand 2003-10-19

Homepage relaunch

I've done some work on the homepage. For now it should be easier to keep the page up to date.

Posted by Christine Ferdinand 2003-10-19

Planing the new Homepage

Now we are a small Community. The next Step in LarryMessenger History will be a redesign of the new Larrysite. if you habe wishes or ideas, please dont stop bugging me, and tell me your thoughts. If you got a personal Homepage, it will be cool when you link to it in addition with LAN content and increase our ranking. so on

Best wishes


Posted by normen deutschmann 2003-02-14

How to get the BugFix

To get the BugFix you have to download and install the whole application once more. You can backup your xml files and place them in the LM Home Directory after installing to avoid the need to configure your buddys and ICQ Identity again.

Posted by Christine Ferdinand 2003-01-15

BugFix for Alpha02 ICQ

I did a very important BugFix on the Alpha02 Version.
It should now be possible to receive and send ICQ Messages without any problems. The "Sending" Problems will be gone.

Posted by Christine Ferdinand 2003-01-15

Second Alpha Release

The second Alpha Release is out now.
It brings some important bugfixes and Integration to ICQ.

Posted by Christine Ferdinand 2003-01-06

ICQ Integration

LarryMessenger is now able to speak with ICQ Buddys.
Thanks to Joe and his jcq2k Library.

Posted by Christine Ferdinand 2003-01-02

Final Version of our Home Page

now you are able to choose the html of the flash style.

Posted by normen deutschmann 2002-12-27

Home Page

Our new Home Page is online. enjoy the Flashstyle

Posted by normen deutschmann 2002-12-27

First Alpha Release

The first Alpha Release is out now. Installers are available for Windows (with and without Java VM), Linux and MacOS

Posted by Christine Ferdinand 2002-12-21

Buddy removing and adding

It is now possible to add and remove buddys to the BuddyList..everything is serialized into buddys.xml on the fly. I changed some things in XMLHostList to make this possible. I agree that the layout is horrible, but it is only for testing purposes. The choice which buddy to delete will get more comfortable today. I will also add Normans Icons to the BuddyList. The ping button is only for testing, the funktion is there, but ist is inaceptable slow, well fix this later.

Posted by Christine Ferdinand 2002-12-10

Extended Message Format

I extended the message format.
We have now an additional attribut "task" in the root element. We can use this in several ways but for now I use it to distinguish between messages and online tests.

Posted by Christine Ferdinand 2002-12-09