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Site update!

We're almost ready for a pre-alpha-1 release. The file releases are just about finalized, and the HOWTO for Slack 10.1 will be posted by Friday 3/25/05. The kernel is posted at
and a new config will also be ready by Friday.

Posted by Akshun_J 2005-03-22

Second chat session a WILD success!!!

First of all, laptop linux would like to welcome new developers Terahz and Knightabe!

The second laptop linux chat was awesome! We made decisions about distro base, kernel version, window manager, and critical applications. We will base off of Slackware 10.1 and kernel 2.6.11 (custom). The heavy GUI will be Gnome, with Fluxbox and Xfce also included (QT and KDElibs will be going in also). Critical apps included will be webmin (admin tool), firestarter (firewall), as well as the apps and tools already present in the files section on this site.... read more

Posted by Akshun_J 2005-03-06

Site update!

The Unichrome project is takin' care of business! Props to those guys.

I am hosting all of the files that make Unichrome happen. Within the week, most will go into a cool Slackware package that will put all the binaries where they belong. Can't stand the suspense, right?

Posted by Akshun_J 2005-02-14

Site update

Files, docs, and screenshots. Lots of stuff for our fledgling project!

Posted by Akshun_J 2005-02-06

The Laptop Linux crew kicks off it's first IRC meeting

Well, with only three participants, it STILL felt like a kickoff! We will be focusing primarily on 100% compatibility with the Averatec line of notebooks, with a stretch goal of AMD-based systems in the near future. The distro we'll be using as our foundation will be Slackware. We welcome any and all contributors!

Posted by Akshun_J 2005-02-06