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ee 0.8.2 has been released

The next release of the ee interpreter for the 2e language has been released. With this release, the built-in function library is near complete. It has a full compliment of string handling functions (including printf, regular expression matching, string comparison, etc), along with most of the needed utility functions to build usable programs.

Future releases will focus on more extensive documentation, polishing the built-in library functions, and building out some more special purpose dynamic library modules. Also planned in an upcoming release is the inclusion of a few basic object oriented facilities, such as user-defined operators and operator overloading.

Posted by Derek Pressnall 2006-12-26

ee-0.8.1 released

An update of ee, the interpreter for the 2e language, has been released. Version 0.8.1, adds several more built in functions , along with some miscelaneous code cleanup. Also added is some new syntax for loading various typed arrays (i.e., integer, floating point, and character arrays), instead of just general-purpose arrays.

Posted by Derek Pressnall 2006-12-11

Initial release of 2e language

The initial public release of the ee interpreter for the 2e language is available for download.

2e (the two e's refer to "expression evaluator") is an experiment in creating a language that has a minimal learning curve, but has enough functionality to be generally useful. The syntax is composed of operands and operators, function calls, and function definitions. Operands can be literal values (integer / decimal, characters and character strings), variables, and variable arrays. Operators include the standard algebraic operators (+ - / *), comparison, assignment, etc., plus the addition of special purpose operators including sub-expression delimiter ";", an inline conditional similar to C "expr ? expr2 : expr3", plus the addition of an iterative conditional "expr ?? expr2 : expr3" which functions similar to the conditional, but will evaluate expr2 while expr is true. No other flow control is included, since these are sufficient for both inline and general use.... read more

Posted by Derek Pressnall 2006-11-26