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LanChat2 TBX / News: Recent posts

LanChat2 TBX 1.2.3 released

With the focus on vista compatibility and bugfixes LanChat2 TBX 1.2.3 is released. See the download area to download it.

Posted by alias5000 2007-06-21

First Release on Sourceforge.net

Today I released [LanChat2 1.6] TBX 1.2.2
This is a release that should bring more performance and stability to the client.
A internet updater is included in the downloads so the updates for the future are brought to you automatically

Posted by alias5000 2007-03-07

Hosted on sourcefogre.net

Hi at you all!
Now LanChat2 TBX moved to sf.net.
At the moment I'm a t the point to configure the project and create a project homepage.
See you later at Http://www.sf.net/projects/lanchat2-tbx/ !

Posted by alias5000 2007-02-28