Progress report

The 0.005 release is coming along slowly but surely. Over the last couple of months I have experimented and played a lot.

In the next release, I will include the beginnings of the database backend that will manage the whole of LAMPAS. Hopefully I will at the same time have a very basic "compiler" ready. The aim of the compiler will be to build the mod_perl modules and deploy them on the various nodes.

This coming week I also woule like to start to play with MySQL 5.1. I have seen that they realy include some nice features in this new version, so if all goes well, LAMPAS will roll out soon on Apache 2.2.2 with mod_perl and MySQL 5.1.

I am really looking forward to this, as this has been comming a long way. I have also apologize for not releasing often as should be the case. The truth is I had a concept in my head, but I first wanted to get the basics right before commiting too much new code - otherwise the complete code base would have changed significantly with each new release.

Well, back to work for now...

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2006-07-21