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Read Me

oooOoOo[ AA ]oOoOooo


Put aa.py on your /usr/local/bin:

    $ sudo cp aa.py /usr/local/bin/aa

Or just create a link:

    $ sudo ln -s /complete/path/to/your/aa.py /usr/local/bin/aa

Configure your nickname:

    $ aa config user.nickname <YOUR NICKNAME HERE>

And the AA-Web (the web server) URL:

    $ aa config server.url http://nightsc.com.br/aa/novo_log.php

Install dependencies:

    $ sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin espeak


Now you can use:

    $ aa start                        ... starts your session
    $ aa post foo                     ... posts foo
    $ aa shout foo                    ... posts foo and sends message to server
    $ aa stop                         ... stops your session
    $ aa config <attribute> <value>   ... sets some attribute
    $ aa status|st                    ... checks if daemon is running
    $ aa time|ts                      ... show time and timeslot info
    $ aa viewlog                      ... shows your current log
    $ aa push                         ... pushes your log to the server

For now, just 'aa stop' will send your 'work log' to the server. You
can see your log at http://nightsc.com.br/aa (or any server configured using
aa config server.url <URL SERVER HERE>).


Configuration attributes currently in use:


Suggested Workflow

A suggestion for your daily workflow on Lab Macambira:

* Look at the tickets of your GT on https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/labmacambira
* Use AA
    aa start
    aa shout working on foo
    aa stop
    aa push
* Use '''shout''' instead of '''post''' when you are connected to the Web
* Open how many tickets your consider necessary to organize your actions
* Keep atention to your GT milestones
* Close the tickets you'll fixing
* Use the wiki a lot to report your activities: http://wiki.nosdigitais.teia.org.br/Lab_Macambira
* Use the mail list (listamacambira@teia.org.br) and IRC (#labmacambira at irc.freenode.net)


If you don't have permission as developer on the AA's SourceForge project,
please send an email asking to labmacambira@teia.org.br.

If you have permission, clone the repos:

    git clone ssh://USERNAME@labmacambira.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/labmacambira/aa

Change USERNAME by your SourceForge username.

For more information, take a look at http://wiki.nosdigitais.teia.org.br/Manual_do_Novato.