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LabelPrint / News: Recent posts

Version 2.0

In this version some major updates have been performed on the designer tool. One of the new features is zoom and rotate in design view. Another is able to use fractions of a mm when placing controls.

In processing of label definitions an label data some additional error handling is performed so a malformed XML will not crash the services.

A new configuration support tool ACALP_Config is added to manage the configuration files needed. But to use it, you will need to understand it's prerequisites. Read the readme.txt file found in the sollution.... read more

Posted by Marc Van Endert 2012-05-03

Warning: It's not simple.

This labelprinting software is intended to print locally or over the internet. A server component, a client component and controll software are provided. You need to install and configure 2 services manually for remote printing to work. This configuration is mostly done in .XML files. You need to know something about networking, security and services when you download this project. As no installer is provided (I have one, but it uses installshield), you need to be programmer to be able to use it. If you are not a information technology professional, this project it not intended for you. If you are though, and not get it up and running, we will gladly offer e-mail/msn support.

Posted by Marc Van Endert 2011-06-18

Verion 1.2 uploaded.

Newest version uploaded. XPS document writer multiple instance support added for preview purposes.

Posted by Marc Van Endert 2011-06-18

Version 1.2 will be released soon.

Important changes:
Client/Server communications improved.
Desinger improved:
Added some basic drag/drop.
Select by click
Added a treeview for variables allowing them to be organized in groups.
Added the Lua scripting language to be abble to manipulate data to be printed

Posted by Marc Van Endert 2009-04-09

First beta... version 1.1

The 1.1 version is ready. It seems stable.
In the next few weeks we will implement this version in our own application. Testing will then take place. But you need to to wait... we are certain no major changes will be needed.

Posted by Marc Van Endert 2008-12-03

First sourcecode release imminent

We are preparing the first release of the sourcecode. We still have to cleanup some comments ;-) etc before we release the sourcecode. I think version 0.99 will be available next week.

Posted by Marc Van Endert 2008-10-14