Bruce Forster wrote:
Hi all,
First up can i say you make a damn good product i find it very useful.
2ndly i have a quick question:
Does anyone know if the current bittorrent filter work with utorrent and  Azureus new file transfer protocol thats ment to get around the
they use "encrypted protocol headers" im left wondering how well this works and im starting to worry as more and more people start to work out about this 'feature'
any ideas would be great.

As bandwidth providers and gateways begin to shape traffic based on type, users will begin to mask their traffic type.

The next level will be for bandwidth providers and gateway managers to filter unrecognized traffic below recognized traffic.

As a consequence application developers will masquerade traffic within recognized layer7 types, and wrap bitorrent streams inside jpeg headers, or smtp headers.

Anyone predict the next level? For the bandwidth providers it will be detecting  visually-noisy jpegs (fake) from the real ones. That will be fun.