Procedure entry point SDL_Error (2.1.2)

  • Phuoc Can HUA
    Phuoc Can HUA

    Sometime ago I managed to compiled Kyra 2.0.7 under BCB5 and I made my adapted source codes available. Now I received a message below from A. Bowen via sourceforge.

    In this case, it looks like that the problem has something to do with the version of Kyra and SDL. I'm just guessing. Maybe someone here can help A. Bowen.

    A. Bowen, can you please also provide more details about your sdl.dll and sdl_image.dll files. Did you compile them?

    Original message:
    I get the “The procedure entry point SDL_Error could not be
    located in the dynamic link library sdl.dll.� error whenever
    I try to run the encodeall.bat. I have included the sdl.dll
    and sdl_image.dll in jus about every folder in (including)
    the kyra folder. How can I work around this?