A Simpler API for less Functionalities

  • Phuoc Can HUA
    Phuoc Can HUA

    What I'm thinking is to allow user to use minimal commands to open a window and place some sprites in it.

    There are cases where sprites are required, but only for simple operations, e.g. card or board games. So, we can limit a lot of functions to make it simple. e.g.
    1) User define a window with a fix number of sprites.
    2) All sprites using the same coordinate system (without tree structure).
    3) Sprite can only travel from A to B with a given speed.
    4) No collision detection.
    5) Allow drag & drop on sprite.
    6) Multi-frame sprite has a fps rate and can be played a number of times.
    7) Allow bringing sprite to back/front.

    Do you think after so many limitations the new API (on top of the existing one) would still be useful for many people?

    Like to hear your opinions.
    Phuoc Can HUA