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#1 File Dep Problem


Hello. I downloaded the .rpm for kxstitch and ran into
a few file dependencies.

libMagick and liblcms

I downloaded both of them, found libMagick on
rpmfind.net, installed fine, got rid of the dependency
I had to get the source in .gz for liblcms. I compiled
and installed it with apparenly no problems. But, when
I try installing your rpm I still am told that I need

I'm using Mandrake 9.1.

I also tried downloading the source and compiling it,
but I get an error during make... I assume it's related
to the dependency error.

What can I do to get this installed?

Thank you,
Thomas Knight


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    As you have installed liblcms from source, then the RPM
    database won't know anything about it. This is why you will
    still receive errors complaining about it missing.

    You can either make find or make a suitable RPM for liblcms
    or if you are sure you have resolved every dependancy, use
    the force option of RPM to install KXStitch anyway.

    As is mentioned in the file release notes, the RPM was built
    for a SuSE 8.1 system, and hasn't been tested on anything
    else. I'm not even sure if the directory structure would
    suit Mandrake, I suspect that it isn't.

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