#8 kxmame vs. fglrx DGA

Jesse Litton

To be clear: This bug has nothing to do with
xmame/xmess. The symptoms described here occur within
kxmame, not when selecting a game.

This issue appears to only be present when using an ATI
card. I have three systems (one nVidia 6600GT, one
nVidia 7600GT, and one ATI 9600XT), all running Kubuntu
6.06, and only the one with the ATI card (using fglrx
8.26.18 drivers) has the issue.

Symptoms: Screen goes black at kxmame startup and when
selecting items from it's menu bar (like "configure
kxmame"). Using ctrl+alt+Fx to change to a different
terminal session and switching back returns the screen
(where kxmame has opened whatever menu was selected).

Modifying the xorg.conf Module section, like so, works
around the issue for kxmame, but will cripple some
other 3D applications, like Planet Penguin Racer
(Though glxgears still works w/accelleration):

# Load "extmod" (commented this out, and added...)
SubSection "extmod"
option "omit xfree86-dga"

kxmame is the only application I've found that seems to
be running into this particular bug. So, there appears
to be some bug in kxmame, ATI's DGA, or both.

If there's anyway you could workaround it so that it
did not cause the card to completely lose touch with
terminal session, it would be appreciated.


  • Jesse Litton
    Jesse Litton

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    BTW - I'm also submitting this as a bug to ATI... though I
    will be (pleasantly) surprised if they have any time to
    investigate this particular issue.

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    Do you have the same problem if you try to run xmame from
    the console? I have the same problem with xmame so that I
    had to disable its DGA output.