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Transition to u/kxgeorge11

I've been investigating the whole "u/username" thing, and found out that was a step up from my old user project. So, I've decided to start a transition from my old user project all the way to there. I'm even making a new wiki to replace my old one, since it has a built-in discussion feature similar to a forum. However, all comments will be moderated to make sure no offensive, inappropriate, irrelevant, or spam comments or other terms of use violations show up on my forums or wiki. I will also be moderating any changes to my new wiki to prevent any similar edits.... read more

Posted by George Brady 2011-01-29

Coming Soon: Open G-Net

Yes, I've finally decided to release the source code for Open G-Net on here, and I have almost finished the Mac version, so that will be released first and will be the only version with an LGPL exception in order to prevent the license from being used as an excuse to try to get it working on "hackintosh" computers.


Posted by George Brady 2010-05-15

Early February Update

In case you didn't read the news for any of my non-system related projects, G Window Manager has been canceled, and Nautical, George Brady Window Manager, and George Brady Streaming Server are going offline in March in order to make it easier to focus on the G/UX kernel, the G/FW firmware, and the GLoader boot loader, which may become a great helper application for booting G/UX distributions without help from G/FW. Also, my Linux PC broke about half a month ago and I replaced it with a Mac because I wanted to buy a computer based on overall quality instead of just price or specs alone, then put VirtualBox, dedicated OpenSolaris and G/UX virtual computers, and recently Xcode on it. However, that still does not mean that I will be using Xcode to develop any special Apple software as I will be making and promoting exclusive proprietary software requiring G/UX, G/FW, and even both instead to popularize both platforms. I'm also looking for ways to make sure that G/UX doesn't become "just another Linux" and to solve the problems with open source software regarding difficult development, inadequate or hard to understand documentation, and user friendliness.... read more

Posted by George Brady 2010-02-02

George Brady Window Manager coming soon

George Brady X11 turned out to be a waste of an open source project that wouldn't very likely be able to stand up to Xorg or Xfreee86, so taking its place will be George Brady Window Manager, a VTWM based X11 windowing manager that is beautiful yet easy to use, easy to configure, and easy to modify. The VTWM based parts of George Brady X11 are under the MIT license, but all new code, including a compositor and the George Brady Prism theme, will be under the GNU General Public License. However, the Prism theme will be entirely copyrighted, so please at least acknowledge whom the creator of George Brady Prism is before you copy it and use it in a rival windowing manager. Thank you.... read more

Posted by George Brady 2009-07-09

UPDATE: All project wikis taken down

Ever since I found out how to upload files using SourceForge.NET's file release system and seeing that file sizes were unlimited (although 20 MB is recommended for the web interface), I figured I'd ditch the project wikis in favor of the file release system. All project wikis for George OS (George Brady Kernel and George Brady X11) and George Brady Core System have been taken down in the afternoon of April 30th, and the wiki for the George Brady project is still up. I hope you find the direct downloads more convenient because I found the file release system much more convenient than using project wiki's just to provide the downloads.... read more

Posted by George Brady 2009-04-21

Bad news regarding the George Brady licenses...

I originally announced that I was going to license some new portions of George OS and George Brady Core System under the George Brady Public License and the entire George Brady Streaming Server under the George Brady Public License, but as it turns out, this is not the case anymore, and for good reason: SourceForge.NET has rejected the George Brady Streaming Public License because it was too restrictive to be in line with the OSI and refuses to review it anymore, so I've had to switch to one provided by SourceForge.NET which allows adding terms to the license, so therefore, I am not taking any chances with any open-source license that I created in order to avoid license proliferation. I can still write licenses, but they'll have to be licenses for commercial, freeware, and other proprietary products. However, I still hope to fight FCC censorship and overly restrictive products like the Apple iPhone.... read more

Posted by George Brady 2009-04-19