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v0.8.8 released

0.8.8 [2012-05-20]

  • new feature: seek functionality for playback
  • new feature: added toolbar with record/playback/scroll functions
  • migration to GIT as source code management
  • documentation update
  • allowing zoom and scroll while a plugin is running
  • allow "close" and "quit" while playback is running
  • allow track selection change during playback
  • fix for namespace collision with libaudiofile
  • bugfix: mouse selection update with negative offset failed
  • bugfix: wrong focus of progress dialog when repairing damaged wav files
  • bugfix: missing updates of zoom selection combo box
  • bugfix: when viewing with full zoom, scroll by 1 sample was possible
  • bugfix: focus was wrong on program start (zoom combo box)
  • bugfix: wrong view when moving slider of overview widget to negative value
  • bugfix: playback pointer did not disappear after play - pause - stop
  • bugfix: creating a label without text was not possible
  • bugfix: saving WAV with G.711 and non-16bits/sample produced broken output
  • bugfix: handling of shortened tracks in encoders
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2012-09-30