v0.8.1 released

0.8.1 [2008-12-23]

  • replaced application icon, now using a scalable svg image
  • replaced GSL with FFTW3, which is license compatible with Kwave
  • use implicit sharing for Label class
  • new clipboard implementation, using the clipboard of KDE (X11)
  • fixed enable/disable of copy/paste functions depending on clipboard state
  • re-enabled function "flush clipboard"
  • re-enabled function "invert track selection"
  • re-enabled function "select all tracks"
  • implemented plugin for "go to position..."
  • added status bar item for current cursor position
  • show current playback position in status bar
  • show selection in overview widget
  • bugfix: mode switch in time selection widget did not work properly
  • bugfix: handle situation when adding or moving a label to a
    location that is already occupied by another label
  • show labels in overview widget
  • show current playback position in overview widget
  • overview widget: dimming parts that are out of view
  • no longer needing builtin copy of libaudiofile, removed
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2012-09-30