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History    93 lines (43 with data), 2.2 kB

newer Versions still to come

Version 0.29.3

added checkmark functionality again

converted file-menus to new menu-scheme

mix channels together

Halt button by Gerhard Zint

Version 0.29.2

moved clipboard functionality to its own class

dynamic allocation of menu entries used by all classes but TopWidget

import of ascii data files

Version 0.29.1

Bugfix for multichannel save. Now the saved files should work with other prgs

local snap to peak by Gerhard Zintel

Version 0.29.0

changed version numbering and filename as suggested by Version 1.1 of "How To Name Things" from sunsite. The last digit will always mark be 0 for releases uploaded to ftp.kde.org.

added windowing (Hamming Hanning, Blackmann) functions

contribution from Gerhard Zintel displaying notes in fftview

Added pitch display window

implemented cursor and db scale for fft-view

added reselection and cursor change

added possibility of different display modes in Frequency representation

fixed severe quantisation bug in saving 16Bit routine, reported by 

mmaping support contributed by Juhana Kouhia

added as new Possibility to generate Signals: pulse trains

added wrapper for systems with no posixthreads -> still needs handling by configure script (change Makefile for not linking libpthread and doing a define)

First use of multiple threads (pthreads) in some functions

Pitch generation now independent of additive synthesis
added import function for ascii files

Ascii label saving now also by frequency

Label generation according to Period Detection (autocorellation)

Sonagram, FFTView and Distortion-Dialog  now use ScaleWidgets

New ScaleWidget gives the user more information 

Improved ProgressDialog and Interpolation class to allow multiple threads

fixed some minor bug fixes

Version 0.28 (July, 15  1998)

changes in curvewidget (recent point has another pixmap).
sorting of labels now works without overwriting of QGList::compareItems.
bug fix for saving selection.
save Block function added.
signal finding function in markers.cpp: gui improved.
some smaller bug fixes.

Version 0.27

first release, but never uploaded, because ftp.kde.org was down.