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newer Versions still to come

Version 0.3.6

fixed parser::countParams

string constructor for marker class. Position now in stored in ms/double
Messageport Class for communication from threads to main task

Version 0.3.5

filter, quantize, fadein, fadeout and envelope pluginized
(there are still some flaws)

interpolation class constructor by string, changed names of interpolation to
lower case

failure indicator for kwavesignal->command

Version 0.3.4

changed Marker/Markerlist code. They're now more functional classes...

Version 0.3.3

some minor changes for better cooperation with kwave

Version 0.3.1

fixed bug in parser that caused a gigantic delay (of overall progress)...
forgot some relative includes...

Version 0.3

separation of library from kwave package, far aim is independence from qt and kde API