The K Desktop Environment

Chapter 1. Introduction

This is "Kwave", a simple sound editor for KDE. Its features include:

If you are interested what has been done and what has still to be done, then look at the files "CHANGES" and "TODO" included in the source package. Help and constructive critics are always welcome.


Use kwave with care (save often), since not all components have left the BETA state yet! The core application is considered to be quite stable, but some of the plugins might be really buggy...

1.1. Kwave Resources

So if you want to get in contact with the developers, need some further help on using kwave, submit patches, bug reports or other stuf, the following resources might be of interest for you:

Project Homepage: For informations about new up-to-date releases or some other information about this project, take a look at the Kwave homepage

Mailing List: If you need some help on using kwave or want to get involved in the development, join the mailinglist by writing a mail to with the text "subscribe kwave-list" in the body.

FTP Server: You can download tar.gz archives as well as some rpm packages from ftp server via our anonymous ftp from

CVS Repository: There also is a CVS repository, hosted by SourceForge where you can get the sources of the latest development version. For instructions on how to get access to the repository, read in the chapter about building from CVS, look at "", or just browse through the CVS tree through a nice web interface. Anonymous CVS access is allowed!