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o debug aid: write all actions to a logfile

o debug aid: new plugin for adding a new track with test/debug info:
  - stripe number
  - hull curve
  - test pattern: sample offset within stripe
  - test pattern: stripe borders
  - generate labels at stripe borders

o use svg graphics instead of pixmaps

o use LADSPA

o JACK audio support

o get Phonon playback support running correctly

o automatic defragmentation of stripes

o support for sample rate conversion, libsamplerate

o maybe some effects from soundtouch

o re-activate the "label" menu

o use some xml file for the menu instead of a macro

o get rid of libaudiofile, it is too buggy, has too few features and
  is no longer actively maintained -> find an alternative

o ALSA record/playback: also detect devices configured in the .asoundrc,
  and not only hardware devices

o find a better solution for deadlock when closing the current file while
  a plugin is still running, instead of refusing the request to close
  -> might vanish with qt-4

o replace "AF_SAMPFMT_xxx" with enum "SampleFormat::yyy" in WavEncoder.cpp,
  WavDecoder.cpp and PlayBack-OSS.cpp

o more precise handling of the playback pointer

o function for "Edit/Selection/Insert at..."

o audible/silent mode of tracks (speakers)
  speaker controls for "audible" mode

o dithering/noise shaping when loading/saving

o abillity to set recording start and stop times in advance
  (feature requested by John David Thompson, 2006-12-20)

o auto-detect pause and set markers, for splitting recorded stuff into several
  parts and then save them to disc as separate files

o virtual memory: multiple swap directories

o install a new_handler() for cases in which we run out of memory

o open file dialog: add a preview widget that shows info about the file
  and maybe has "playback/pause/stop" buttons

o fast playback mode, playback with facor 1.5x, 3x, 5x, 7x...
  -> look how noatun does that...

o support for compressed wav files, like those found on www.montypython.net
  -> MPEG 3 is still not supported by libaudiofile

o TrackPixmap: implement usage of "extra_samples" for interpolated mode

o support for Spex codec: http://www.speex.org/

o fileinfo plugin: auto-generate filename from "track - title"

o use a MenuManager in the plugins (e.g. sonagram)

o resample signal before inserting into a signal with a different sample
  rate (when doing copy/paste)

o optimized cut/paste, at zero-crossing

o new plugin: amplifyclip

o new plugin: pulse train

o document how to do an optimized build, for example:
  CFLAGS="-march=athlon-xp -mcpu=athlon-xp \
  CXXFLAGS=${CFLAGS} cmake ...

o speed up MP3 import by blockwise operation

o import/export of labels as meta info in codecs other than wav

o SonagramWindow::toSignal()

o rework of the FFTWidget

o new plugin: additive synthesis

o new plugin: fft, averagefft

o new plugin: distort

o new plugin: channel mixer

o import of multi-channel ASCII files

o use namespace "Kwave" for all Kwave components

o support for KDE's session management

o fix bug in Fx->Periodic Silence (segmentation fault)

o macro recorder

o use MemoryManager for undo actions

o user selectable color scheme
  (feature requested by John David Thompson, 2006-12-20)

o port from id3lib to taglib
  => rejected, currently no alternative available
  => taglib currently works only on files, unsuitable API
     + inaccurate file length detection (units of 1 sec)
  => libid3tag is nearly as old, undocumented and would
      produce a lot of work

o switch to use float as sample_t (requires much work...)
  -> version 0.9

o about plugin: auto-scroll for contents

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