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#439 kvm doesn't work when VirtualBox' vboxdrv module is loaded

Ben Bucksch

1. Load kvm_amd kernel module
2. Start kvm VM with kvm command
3. Stop kvm VM
4. Load VirtualBox vboxdrv kernel module
5. Start VirtualBox GUI, start VM, exit VM, close VirtualBox GUI
6. Start kvm VM with kvm -vnc ... command

Actual result:
All steps up to step 5 work.
In Step 6, kvm starts and keeps running, I can connect to VNC, but I only get a black screen. No error message.

Expected result:
In step 6, kvm command immediately exits, with an error message:
"Another virtual machine manager like VirtualBox, Xen or VMWare is running at the moment. Check 'lsmod' that no virtual machine manager modules other than 'kvm*' are loaded."


  • Avi Kivity
    Avi Kivity

    Take this to virtualbox support, we don't control their code.

  • Ben Bucksch
    Ben Bucksch

    eh? It's kvm which is not working.

    Did you even bother to read the report? virtualbox works fine, even with kvm module loaded. Also, I am merely asking for an error message. Surely, that's not too much to ask, instead of silently falling on the nose an bleeding.

  • Brian Jackson
    Brian Jackson

    Does this still occur with the latest qemu-kvm and kvm-kmod packages from the sourceforge download page?

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