please Julian
could you say the amount money it costs to keep the project's web online (and other non free aspects) for a year (hosting & domain name and more) ?

I would agree to donate a little for that.


On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 3:19 PM, Mauricio Giovagnini <> wrote:

Julian Bäume escribió:
> As of September of this year, and the
>> associated wiki will cease to be funded my myself, and will go off-line.
> Ok, but could you please send a dump of the database, just to be sure the wiki
> data won't be lost again? Please tell me, if I can give you an ftp account or
> something similar.
Julian, I could afford a hosting if you wish.  I'm not with time right
now (also with some
projects but I think this project should live and that it has a big future).
>> The SF repository will remain on-line, and I hope that someone will take
>> over and re-establish and advance this project. While I cannot remain
>> actively involved in the project, I will be more than willing to help
>> anyone who feels that they can take over the project.
> I don't think, I am a good maintainer. I'm just willing to hack on ktechlab.
> Till now I didn't change my mind and I've still got plans to see ktechleb
> based on kde4 techniques in the future. At the moment I'm playing around with
> kde4 programming stuff and collecting some experience with all that new
> things. As so often, there's lot of other things to do for me and I'm sad to
> have not enough spare time to put some work into ktechlab.
I could help translating the wiki to spanish with José Luis Galvez Lopez
help (he offered
to do that too).  I could also encourage other users to start using it.
The first step is to move
them to a linux distribution.  This can be a tough point, mostly due to
ignorance rather than
something else  Many of them think that linux is only for hackers, or
for gurus,
I'm trying to change that with some mini-tutorials on using Kubuntu or
another KDE based
linux distribution.

>> With regrets, and hoping that someone can rescue this project,
> Well, I think the commutity can and will do it.
I'm here to help, with not much free time but with a big willing to help.

Lucas and Julian, fell free to contact me in private if you wish.

Best Regards

Mauricio Giovagnini (Maunix)
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