Yess... it's working now  :)

But then there is a different bug with switches.. i though it was the same bug, becose it has similar behaivor, but this one is still here. I will try to "hunt" it.. :)))

2009/10/1 Alan Grimes <>
santiago gonzalez wrote:
> Confirmed... the bug was introduced in rev 221.
> this time i compiled 220 and the bug is not there, re-downloaded rev 221
> and compiled... and the bug appear.

Unsurprisingly, my 3AM diagnosis was completely and utterly wrong. =(

There was an ungodly conditional at elementSet::doLinear.

The code that was in place was bailing if either the matrix or the
vector was unchanged... That was wrong, because the other could be
changed. I just posted a fixed version that will only bail if BOTH the
matrix and vector are unchanged.

Thanks very much for your efforts. You're currently our lead tester. ;)

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