Confirmed... the bug was introduced in rev 221.
this time i compiled 220 and the bug is not there, re-downloaded rev 221 and compiled... and the bug appear.

In rev 221 some other things changed... for example:
In rev 220 there was a bug that makes ktl crash when re-loading progran in pic or when opening a circuit document with pic... in rev 221 this bug dissapear... but appear the pot and resistor bug.

2009/10/1 Alan Grimes <>
santiago gonzalez wrote:
> Ok... looks that the problem is not only in potentiometer, with fixed
> resistors i have the same problem.
> In rev 419 the problem is not present, in rev 421 the problem appear,
> then here is the stuff.

I just checked those commits. 420 and 421 only made tweaks to some
simulator code and nothing that could possibly affect the DataChanged
functionality. =\

I went through the archive. There is some possibility that 446 could
have done it because it was a buddy of the misguided 447 changeset.

If it was before 419, I probably would have noticed this bug myself...
Please keep hunting.

It feels like the bug would be in Canvas or in the Document class
heirarchy. Basically the code that connects the UI to the component

Bugs with displaying current should be debuged directly. Please don't
consider reverting to the previous current code. The new bugs are
definitely preferable to the old ones! =P

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