I'm compiling your last commit and have this error:

ecclockinput.cpp: In constructor 'ECClockInput::ECClockInput(ICNDocument*, bool, const char*)':
ecclockinput.cpp:54: error: 'stepCallback' is not a member of 'ECClockInput'
ecclockinput.cpp: At global scope:
ecclockinput.cpp:103: error: no 'void ECClockInput::stepCallback()' member function declared in class 'ECClockInput'

"void ECClockInput::stepCallback()" is missing... i don't know if it should be there or not.. i just copy-paste from the previous revision

also this error:

canvastip.cpp: In member function ‘void CanvasTip::displayVI(ECNode*, const QPoint&)’:
canvastip.cpp:50: error: ‘class Pin’ no tiene un miembro llamado ‘current’ (‘class Pin’ has not a member named ‘current’)

I just comented out the line refered to pin->voltage() and pin->current()

Appart of this all compiled ok.

2009/9/30 Alan Grimes <agrimes@speakeasy.net>
Thanks to you, I wasted my day on ktechlab instead of earning
desperately needed money. Gee thanks, Zoltan...

I just committed a fairly radical patch which replaces our old set of
really nasty bugs with regards to displaying wire currents with a
completely new set of simpler bugs. The new code is just as buggy as the
old code, only simpler and easier to debug. It seems to basically work
though, in the simple case at least.

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