Comes from help forum:

" currently the part of ktechlab that describes what PICs are supported is quite messy."

If you have an idea about how it should be, i can try the work.

About what pics are supported i only can find src/micro/picinfoXXbit.h
there are the pic classes and what kind of support:

class PicInfo16F627 : public PicInfo16F62x
        virtual Support gpsimSupport() const { return FullSupport; }
        virtual Support flowcodeSupport() const { return PartialSupport; }
        virtual Support microbeSupport() const { return FullSupport; }

In src/micro/picinfoXXbit.cpp are defined the pins layouts

And in src/micro/microlibrary.cpp and .h picinfo items are added to library.

Adding items to these files allow to simulate some models, is easy to add some derived models, for example the "A" series: 16f-627a-628a-648a, 16f876a-877a, etc. that are actually supported by gpsim and i think that actually are more used than the "no A" series.