Hi Julian,


Thanks for your email.


You're right -- the Wiki editing works just fine.  The page that I am referring to is the "^(index|default).htm(l)?$" file at http://www.ktechlab.org


Unfortunately the content there is not so editable by our community.  There are some pages there that are blank, containing simply the word "TODO".


Presumably we'll need FTP access to the host.



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Am Dienstag, 27. Mai 2008 09:55:50 schrieb Drew Noakes:
> I just checked the site and there hasn't been any change to the home page. 
> What do I have to do to get these changes made?
I just changed a minor typo on this page:

I haven't been logged in, and it worked. It also shows up in the history. Do
you get any error messages? What's your username? Is it Digigalos? Then you
made changes to the wiki. Last one today morning.

> Also, there are some
> spelling mistakes on the front page.   Intergated ->
> Integrated.   Transfered -> Transferred.
I can't find them. May be, your changes have been applied and you can't see
them (because of your browser cache or something like that).

> I'm happy to make the site changes
> if required -- I just need access. 
The wiki idea says, that anybody can make changes and as far as I can see,
this is still possible.

bye then

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