2010/2/23 Julian Bäume <julian@svg4all.de>
On Saturday 20 February 2010 20:49:11 P Zoltan wrote:
>   The next thing i wanted to do is to merge the testing code in the kde4
> port tree. I have to learn more abot git to know how to do it; if anyone
> wants to do this, I'd happily copy the merged tree, and work on that.
done that. I also removed the Eigen sources and added everything to the
CMakeLists.txt that is necessary to find the eigen headers. This was a little
more git work, than just merging, since I also did a rebase, so the Eigen
sources even don't show up in the history.

  Those junk-related commits could be also deleted (by mistake i've
comitted the build binaries in the repository, then deleted it).

  Here is a problem: if cmake can't find eigen2, it still tries to build
the tests, and fails. So a minor issue will turn to a build faliure. The
tests should be only built when eigen2 is found.


I also moved around your files a bit. You can find your test in tests/math.
For now, there seems to be no output (at least for me), I'm not sure, what has
to be done to get it back.

  Here is a useful blog entry on this:


  So in the build directory, you need to run "ctest" to run the tests, and
"ctest -V" or "ctest -VV" to see all the output. This verbose mode should
be somehow integrated in the cmake files.

To run the test, build the sources (run cmake and
make) and then run "make test". If you don't have latest KDevPlatform beta8,
you need to revert the commit I mentioned in one of my last mails or merge the
_prebeta8 branch. If you are not sure, just try to compile, cmake will
complain, if KDevPlatform is to old.

Another thing, I want to mention is a blog post of one of the kdevelop hackers
about unittests for kdevelop plugins.

This should help us implementing tests like the project management stuff, I
started to port to KDevPlatform interfaces. 
bye then

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