2009/8/27 Martín Marcucci <rmarku@gmail.com>
Hi, I'm Martin from Argentina. I'm an Electronic Engineering student and I work as a programmer for a local company.
I have discovered your project, and it really attract me. I was wondering How can I help as a developer.
I know C and C++ programing, but I have never made a complex project as this.
What do you recommend me to start helping.?
Look around the code, try to compile the svn version, play with it :)

I have some questions about the project.
Are you planing to add PCB support in some stage?

If somebody implements it, there will be PCB support...
Do you have some roadmap for the project?
In the current state the codebase should be cleaned up, because it has some issues. Also it would be useful to make the program more modular.
 Currently I'm busy with integrating Eigen in the project, so we won't have to write our equation solving, matrix handling classes. After that I'd like to create a well defined interface between the GUI and the simulator, so the GUI could be be ported to Qt4/KDE4.

Are you going to simulate only, or are you going to suport monte-carlo and other test of circuits?
Same as for PCB, still this one looks easier.

Why are you designing your simulator instead of using  pspice or other open-source engine?
ktechlab does real-time simulation: if you change something, you can see the result immediately. I don't know about any simulator engine that can do that.

PD: sorry, im not good at English.
R. Martin Marcucci    ( MarkU )