ok, tuning the simulator for strange cases should be done some day.
First, I'd like to create something like this for ktechlab's simulation process, so the implementation could be verified against it:
 Probabily at the end of this week i'll come with a drawing like that, so we could discuss the details.
2009/8/12 Alan Grimes <agrimes@speakeasy.net>
> Yes, I know. Still, that rank() call should be removed, as LU::solve()
> method returns false if it can't solve the equation system. That case is
> not addressed -- the question is what to do in that case: write a "?"
> for voltage level, or use the last valid state for the circuit?

Yeah, you should simply skip the LU step and solve the vector with the
old LU, if the vector has changed.

You should also emit debugging information because it means that there
is probably something wrong with one of the components. Nb, there are
some pathalogical circuits that inherently produce invalid matrices. I
can send you an example.

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