I'll try to make the SVN version work this weekend; my current problem is that I have not enough free space on my HDD to build ktechlab :o

2009/5/13 Alan Grimes <agrimes@speakeasy.net>
I looked up the way to pull old versions from SVN and I reverted some
files, fixed a few bugs and now need to re-publish the version, but
since I'm locked to an older version now, SVN won't let me commit! =(


It could be my 6 year old machine (or my newly updated version of SVN),
but the SVN server seems to be slow tonight... So it could either be a
bad update from Gentoo headquarters or some SVN ninjitsu that I need to
master. =\

These changes are really desperately needed or else the SVN version will
be useless. =(

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