Hi Lawrence,

I think the forums are very needed on the site even if some / many developers  may prefer otherwise.  I think from a user perspective a forum is "cozy" to the end user. I know from what has already been discussed, additionally my own feelings both forms of communication has inadequacies one way or the other.   So to satisfy  to some degree I think mailing lists and forums can coexist.  The hard part will be the moderation as the user base grows. It might be a  friendly place right now with not too many people. But once more and more join it can become reckless but still not like forums disappeared from the www.  Another suggestion that I think is really needed from the start is a Roles module. Before the project had time to expand or it will become spaghetti.  Remember what you seen on my  site as "Management" ? I think you should create something like that. So it will be a directory of  various parts of the project. It is vital can't stress it enough really important. For one  team to be able to communicate very well with the other.  So a ready base  grouped  into each field would be nice.  Otherwise   just example: Picture    the simulator  performing a simulation at the same time  half of the form is cutoff. Because the Coder did not agree upon some aspect with the gui designer. This is just an example of course, it probably would not come down to this.  Or lets say suddenly a script on the main site broke, the user needs to contact the "Web master(s)"   not "Coders" or "GUI" designers   Who really might not (should not even care about the web sites  workings)  want to be bothered.  They go to the section Webmaster and pick one, ok  he / she is out of town on vacation. They select the assistent Web master who will be able to fix the problem. 


On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 8:41 PM, Lawrence Shafer <detroit371@gmail.com> wrote:
What do you guys think, Should we have forums or no? Do you want to see
most of the users on the list here, where it's easy to keep track of
whats going on, or, shall we find a moderator or two, and set up phpBB
for our users. I vote yes, but just wanted to ask.


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