#8 More components, perhaps an easier way to add them


I began using KTechlab to teach myself electronics. It is my goal eventually to be able to design my own devices like audio amplifiers. It would be nice to have components like vacuum tubes (diodes, triodes, tetrodes, ...), loudspeakers, microphones et cetera.

Although I am not much of a programmer I looked at the source code anyway. It looks like each component is in its own .cpp and .h files, and these need to be compiled into the program. It would be nice if components could be specified and added more dynamically, perhaps in a text or XML format. Just dreaming a bit, there could even be a simple graphical component editor of sorts.

Thank you and good luck.


  • Zoltan P
    Zoltan P


    Defining the shape of the new component is easy. The next version of ktechlab will work like this, with SVG files. The problem is with the simulations: one has to define how the new component should behave. For this, some kind of programming is needed. Also the performance of the program should be considered: the simulation has to be done fast and not to eat up too much CPU time.

    Editing components, graphically is a good idea; defining their behavior in an efficient manner is harder. There are ideas, but nothing very clear yet.